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We install high quality pool fencing in Coogee and all surrounding areas at very affordable prices. We can offer such outstanding value because we process and toughen all of our own glass giving us a competitive edge in both pricing and turnaround times against our competitors.

Coogee Pool Fencing

The images in this article are taken from an installation that included a number of our products including frameless glass pool fencing, shutters and various types of balustrade.

You can see the full Coogee project in a showcase on this website where we go into greater detail on the products used.

The images below are of one of our most popular products in Coogee: 12mm clear frameless glass pool fencing.

Fixtures for your Coogee Pool Fence

As you can see in the images from this installation in Coogee, the customer has chosen square profile spigots with a mirror finish. However you have many options open to you such as channel fixed glass or a round profile spigot. Also, spigots are available in a number of finishes such as brushed metal and powder coated in a variety of colours.

Glass Pool Fencing on spigots

If you’re in Coogee or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for pool fencing, call us now for a Free, no-obligation quote at extremely competitive prices.

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