Office Partitioning in Perth | Custom-Made and Affordable

Custom-Designed Office Partitioning for Perth-Based Businesses.

Whether it’s potential clients, new employees, or visitors from another branch – first office impressions count. Like all business owners, you’ll want to take pride in the overall look of your workplace. 

Give your company the innovative, professional, and attractive interior design it deserves with the right office partitioning. Our specialists are ready to recreate the layout you’re after – and all for an affordable price. 

Discuss with our team on partition requirements and receive a quote today.

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Floor to Ceiling Glass and Aluminium Partitions

Our office partitioning is produced through glass or aluminum to the Australian Standard of AS1288.

The benefits of aluminum partition framing include:

  • Durability – aluminum is 3.5 times stronger than vinyl or PVC, and is 43 times stronger than wood
  • Environmentally friendly – since aluminum is an environmentally sustainable material, it is non-toxic and 100% recyclable
  • Higher longevity than wood or PVC, and is known to keep rodents, termites, and other vermin at bay
  • Thermally stable – does not shrink or expand when temperature or humidity levels change 

The benefits of large glass panels in partitioning include:

  • A more modern or trendy office appearance – glass panels achieve a look of professionalism, though create a more “open office” vibe
  • Reducing the need for fluorescent lighting by allowing more natural light to flow through
  • The option for Frosted glass designs to maintain privacy in specific areas
  • Option to toughen or laminate glass depending on the size of the panels 
Aluminium and Glass Office Enclosures

Partition Door Options

Clients can choose from a sliding, top-hung, or hinged door design. 

Sliding Partition Doors

The benefits of a sliding partition door: 

  • Allows more light into the room
  • Allow for greater traffic flow
  • Creates the illusion of a larger room
  • Easy access

Top-Hung Partition Doors

The benefits of a top-hung partition door:

  • Seamless, smooth movement 
  • Removes the need for hidden, unseen ledges (a trait of sliding doors) – thus reducing the chance of tripping
  • Heavy-duty, reliable, and secure
Office Partition with Top Hung Doors

Hinged Partition Doors

The benefits of a hinged door:

  • Greater privacy
  • Effective sound and light proofing
  • Versatility – can be installed to swing outwards, maximising space in the room
  • Reduces draughts

Why Choose WA Special Projects for Office Partitioning?

Fast, Affordable, With Minimal Disruption

Our professionals ensure that you get your partitions installed on-time, according to your specific needs and requirements. We provide our clients with advice on partition design, modification, and adjustment; ensuring final results are tailored to your unique vision (and suit environmental restrictions). 

We also offer affordable, competitive pricing that keeps within your business budget. 

While our specialists are dedicated to efficient results, we also respect your day-to-day operations. We ensure our services take place at a time of minimal office disruption, helping you achieve the quality changes you’re after while maintaining worker productivity.