Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Perth

WA Special Projects are one of the leading manufacturers and installers of frameless glass pool fencing in Perth.

It is without doubt, one of the most elegant solutions to the safety laws governing pool owners in Perth, Western Australia. It offers maximum visibility to your residential landscape with minimum fixtures and fittings, yet ticking all the boxes for safety standard requirements.

Our expertise and strong work ethic assures you of quality workmanship with projects completed in a timely manner. Our industry relationships enable us to buy high quality glass at bulk pricing providing you with frameless glass pool fencing at affordable prices.

There are several options for installing glass pool fences which offer that ‘frameless’ look:

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Channel Fixed Pool Fencing

This is usually 12mm clear toughened glass with polished edges, grouted into a 100mm x 50mm concrete channel. There are no visible fixings other than the hinges and lock for a gate. This is the ultimate when it comes to unobstructed views in pool fencing.

Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fencing on Decking

Top Fixed Pool Fencing with Spigots

Spigots come in a variety of finishes and offer a frameless solution if channel fixing is not an option for you. Some of our clients have existing groundwork in place such as decking that they’d prefer to leave intact and sit the 12mm clear, toughened, frameless glass panels on top.

Side Mounted Pool Fencing with Stand Offs

Depending on the layout of your property and the existing architecture, stand offs may be the best solution in offering the frameless pool fence look. You also have a choice of finishes in our range of stand-offs.

Side Mounted Glass Pool Fencing

Protecting & Maintaining your Glass Pool Fence

WA Special Projects are certified applicators of Enduroshield Glass Coating.

Applying a sealant such as Enduroshield to the glass panels of your pool fencing at the manufacturing stage helps to prolong the periods between cleaning greatly.

Glass is a porous material that can attract deposits over time. Enduroshield fills the pores with a water-repelling substance which inhibits residual build-up.

After the sealant is applied, water simply beads off the panels easier.

Frequently asked questions

This depends on many factors such as the meterage and material used such as glass or aluminium. The method of fixture also affects the overall cost such as channel fixing or top fixed on spigots. Hinge types for gates etc all play their part in affecting the budget. You can call us with some measurements for your pool and we can provide you with a rough estimate before a site visit.

There are many regulations that pool fences in WA must adhere to. We have installed hundreds, all unique with their own set of circumstances. We can provide you with criteria specific to your home and install a pool fence that meets all Australian Standards.

Generally the fence must be a minimum of 1.2m high and any gap at the base of the fence must not exceed 100mm high.

There are also rules for gate latches, gap sizes between panels/bars and many more. We’ll be delighted to discuss all of these with you upon inquiry.

Yes, if that pool is not emptied after each use, WA regulations stipulate that you must have a safety barrier that meets the required legislation.