Glass Balustrade Perth

WA Special Projects are a leading manufacturer and installer of glass balustrade in Perth.

Custom-made and installed for both the commercial and residential markets, we have developed a reputation for workmanship of the highest quality, whilst maintaining affordable pricing.

All of our balustrade projects are designed and installed  to Australian Standards and NCC (National Construction Code) requirements.

As a member of the Australian Glass and Window Association, you can rest assured that WA Special Projects is a fully accountable, professional business, built on a solid foundation of outstanding customer service and high quality products.

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Balustrade for Staircases

Glass balustrade staircases are now a major architectural feature of many Perth homes, due to the ever-increasing popularity of double story properties. We have a number of styles to choose from, each with their own unique elegance:

  • Fully framed Aluminium & glass
  • Full Aluminium & Steel design
  • Stainless Steel Design – Polished or Satin
  • Frameless Glass with a handrail
  • Fully frameless without a Handrail in engineered glass
Side-mounted Frameless Glass Balustrade for Balconies

Balustrade for Balconies

Our knowledge and experience in designing and installing glass balustrade for balconies is second to none. We go above and beyond in complying with all Australian Standards. Our repeat business in the high-end sector is testament to this. Options include:

  • Fully framed Aluminium & glass
  • Full Aluminium & Steel design
  • Stainless Steel Design – Polished or Satin
  • Frameless Glass with a handrail
  • Fully frameless without a Handrail in engineered glass
  • Privacy Screens in both Glass and Aluminium

Balustrade for Decking

There are a number of options available for installing balustrade onto decking. Pictured here, is glass balustrade mounted onto square, stainless steel spigots. Call us now to get a free quote and an indication of the ideal solution for your particular decking arrangement.

Balustrade for Decking

Stainless Steel Balustrade

We install stainless steel balustrades in many configurations and styles. 

Stainless steel looks very contemporary in either commercial or residential settings and can be installed as a pure steel-only balustrade, or combined with other materials.

Quite often we will pair steel with a timber handrail which softens the look of the steel.

More often stainless steel is paired with glass for greater visibility whilst still maintaining a protective barrier.

There are a number of methods for fixing the glass panels such as spider clamps (pictured).

Balustrade with Wire

Our experience in metal fabrication makes us the installer of choice for wire balustrade in Perth. This can be a very practical and modern solution for many properties with balconies. Contact us to discover your best option for this application.

Grey Glass Balustrade

Using grey glass in balustrade can look really striking as you can see illustrated in this image. The top-mounted black handrail and the black square spigots complement the design.

A black illuminated handrail attached to the wall finishes this installation beautifully.

Grey Glass Balustrade with Illuminated Handrail
Frosted Glass Balustrade

Frosted Glass Balustrade

Some people love to be out on their balcony to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, but don’t wish to be on display to passers by. This is where our frosted glass balustrade screens are ideal.

Pictured is one type of galustrade with privacy, this product is our frameless glass, 22.28mm SGP laminate with satin etchThe satin etch glass has the frosted finish which provides the privacy.

Protecting & Maintaining your Balustrade

WA Special Projects are certified applicators of Enduroshield Glass Coating.

Applying a sealant such as Enduroshield to the glass panels of your balustrade at the manufacturing stage helps to prolong the periods between cleaning greatly.

Glass is a porous material that can attract deposits over time. Enduroshield fills the pores with a water-repelling substance which inhibits residual build-up.

After the sealant is applied, water simply beads off the panels easier.

Aluminium Balustrade

Pictured here in black and available in a number of styles and colour coatings is our aluminium balustrades. One of the most popular materials for  balustrade in Perth is aluminium, for both commercial and residential applications.

This product is extremely popular for builders and renovators alike, particularly in apartment buildings and commercial property due to it’s robust nature.

Given the correct treatment, can look very modern in the right residential setting.

Aluminium Balustrade Black
Aluminium & Glass Balustrade

Aluminium & Glass Balustrade

Aluminium balustrade is a design solution in and of itself in many modern applications. Aluminium can also be partnered with other materials such as glass (pictured) to provide the ultimate weather proof barrier.

White Aluminium Balustrade with Handrail Options

Aluminium can be an elegant solution for home interiors if given the appropriate treatment. Pictured here is our aluminium balustrade which has a white coating to match the bright interior decor.

The natural wood of the handrail picks up qualities of the flooring and accents the white aluminium beautifully.

White Aluminium Balustrade with Wooden Handrail

Frequently asked questions

According to Australian Regulations, balustrade must be a minimum of 1000mm in height on a landing or balcony and 865mm from the top of stair treads.

No, depending on other specifics of the balustrade and where it’s being installed, it may not have to have a handrail. We have installed hundreds of balustrade around WA, some with handrails and some without.

Each installation must meet Australian safety standards. These standards can be met in various ways using a number of materials, fixtures and fittings, call us to find out more.