10 Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing


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If you have a pool in your backyard or you’re thinking about getting one, then you must be already thinking about getting a fence. If you’re not, then you should, as you’re required by the law to have a fence around your pool.

You’re probably wondering now what the best type of fencing to get is; something that will be practical without ruining your aesthetics.

Glass pool fencing offers the most benefits. We’ve chosen 10 benefits to enlighten you with.

1. Glass Pool Fencing Offers Great Safety for Your Children ( and Pets)

WHO shows that drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged 1-3 in Australia. This is one of the reasons why pool owners are obliged by the law to fence their pools.

Glass pool fencing offers even better protection, as glass is sleek and would be difficult for kids to climb. It’s also a great option because it’s transparent and you can easily see your child through it.

You’ll always be able to see what’s happening in the pool and its surrounding areas without walking there yourself.

2. Glass Gives No Reaction to Water and Pool Chemicals

While wooden fences rot when they interact with water and chlorine, you don’t have to worry about glass. Glass is not reactive to them so it won’t be affected by water.

Adding a glass fence would both add more value to your property and relieve you from the hassle of changing or maintaining the fences every couple of years.

3. Glass is Sturdy

Glass pool fences are incredibly strong. Most of the time, they’re made from toughened 12mm safety glass (speak to our team to learn about the full range).

Tempered/toughened glass is heated to at least 700 degrees Celsius during processing.

This gives them incredible strength and endurance. You can rest assured that neither your kids nor terrible weather are likely to break it.

4. Glass is Easy to Maintain

We’ve already mentioned the amazing benefit that glass doesn’t rot or corrode. Other than that, it’s pretty easy to clean. You’d just wipe the glass down with soapy water then rinse with clean water. Do this every two months, and it’ll feel brand new

There’s never any need to oil it like with a wooden fence or repaint and rust-guard like with a metal fence.

5. Glass is Hygenic

The non-porous nature of glass means that it’s less likely to carry dirt and pathogens, than other, more porous material.

6. Glass is Less-likely to Be a Home for Wasps and Spiders

Glass is smooth and solid. This makes it less likely to have cracks and rough corners for wasps and spiders to build their nests on. On the contrary, for example, wooden fences are the perfect home for wasps, since wasps also make their nests out of wood fibers.


7. Glass Pool Fencing Makes Your Yard Feel Bigger

Due to its transparency and reflection of light on the surrounding areas, it makes the yard look bigger than its real size.

You’ll realize the beauty of it when you have guests over. Even if a glass fence doesn’t change the physical size of the area, it still helps the area to feel more expansive and your guests to feel less claustrophobic.

8. You Can Enjoy the View of the Yard from the Pool

Its transparent nature isn’t just great to watch your kids from outside or to see the beautiful pool lights. It’s also to watch everything from the inside.

It enables you to monitor the outside areas when you’re enjoying a swim yourself.

9. It Acts as an Efficient Windbreak

Glass pool fences block the wind more efficiently than most other pool fences. It also warms the pool and the area around it by refracting its filtered sunlight. You won’t freeze when you get out of the pool due to wind chill.

This extra warmth lets you and your family enjoy the pool for a few more months a year. Other types of fencing that are slatted by design, will not provide the same windbreak effect.

10. Glass is Elegant and Stylish

We mentioned that you shouldn’t sacrifice aesthetics for effectiveness. With glass pool fences you don’t have to.

Glass fences don’t just naturally fit with any environment and backyard no matter the style. It also adds a more elegant, modern, and minimalist look.

Besides being a means for pleasure, having such a fence adds to the market value of your property.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of glass pool fences, we’ll move to its types.

Types of Pool Fencing

There are various types of glass pool fencing. All with their advantages and disadvantages.

Take a look through them to understand your choice better.

Glass pool fencing 1

Channel Fixed Pool Fencing

This is the best you can get when talking about unobstructed views in pool fencing. It’s completely clear except for the hinges and locks for the gate.

Frameless glass pool fencing with spigots

Top Fixed Pool Fencing with Spigots

This option is perfect for people who already have existing groundwork that they don’t want to remove. They can have it both ways with this option.

Side Fixed Pool Fencing with Stand-Offs

This option could be the perfect one for you if the other types don’t match the layout of your property. It comes with a variety of choices in the range of stand-offs too.


Glass pool fencing is the ideal solution for combining safety with elegance. For such an affordable item you’re getting an extremely durable, low-maintenance product.

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