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CALL 9408 3060


WA Special Projects are a leading installer of high-quality automatic electric gates in Perth, Western Australia. If you’re looking for an electric gate provider with a reputation for quality workmanship and is dedicated to customer satisfaction, please call us on 9408 3060 for a no-obligation quote.

Fencing and electric gates are an excellent option for providing a perimeter for your home whilst also adding style and potentially adding value. We install both sliding gates and swinging gates to partner a variety of fencing styles. As a company that prides itself on precision, we believe we offer some of the highest quality and best value electric gates in Perth, WA

Electric Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates provide both protection of your property and loved ones while being of no hindrance to you. Electric gates with sliding capabilities are an excellent choice if you lack the room for a swinging gate. Where swinging gates come outward and require the width of the gate in front of its entrance, a sliding gate is ideal if you have more room to the right or left of your driveway entrance, as opposed to in front. They are also the preferred choice if your driveway exceeds a certain width.

Electric Gates for Driveway

Having electric gates for driveways can keep unwanted drivers away from your property (such as doing turnarounds without your permission). The added benefit of these gates being electric means that you get to control the operation of your gate without having to get out of the car. You’re also able to let people in and out of your property without having to leave your home.

Fences with Electric Gates

An equally important part of your home security and the exterior landscape is the fencing that accompanies our selection of electric gates. On top of giving your home a wonderfully finished and sophisticated look, our fencing and electric gate solutionss will deter trespassers and deny access to the uninvited. Our fencing solutions beautifully match and compliment our state-of-the-art electric gates, providing you with a perimeter that’s both practical and elegant.

Electric Swing Gates

Making a decision to install a swing or sliding gate can just be a matter of personal taste and preference. Sometimes the decision is made for you by the layout of your property. Electric swing gates are a recommended choice if you lack the space for an automatic gate to slide behind a fence.

We would be delighted to assist you in choosing the best electric gate option for you and your property.

Call WA Special Projects now on 9408 3060 for a FREE, no-obligation quote.